About US

Trinity Sisters & Co was started by Eva, Felicia and Maxine in 2020. 

The store started after a realization that three heads were better than one. All three had been running online stores but were having a hard time keeping up with the demand. They loved making and seeing their pieces loved by so many but couldn't turn out enough items on time. The idea to combine their passions for minimalist-inspired decor that is renter friendly sparked the creation of Trinity Sisters & Co. Simple and sweet macrame items, beautiful wood decor and organizational items and wall art put together to create an online home decor store.

Each Trinity Sister & Co. item is handmade in Ontario, Canada using premium wood, 100% cotton cord and linen paper. Each item is built with love and care and made to last. 

We aim to reduce waste by using each piece of material and recycling whatever cannot be used. 

Trinity Sisters & Co. strives to create quality, simple yet stylish pieces that last. No complicated setup so that you can enjoy your new home decor items.